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Masterclass have a passion for manufacturing kitchens since 1975 base in U.K . Supplier of over 300 classic, contemporary and modern kitchens.

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Kitchen Stori

Kitchen Stori is a family run business established in 1993, based in Northern Ireland.

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The value of Aisling lies in the exceptional quality and design of its furniture. We, unlike many other manufacturers, truly believe that our products will enhance your life because they are carefully and lovingly considered from their inception. More than just furniture, we create valuable and useful additions to your home.

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Rowe Kitchens

Rowe fitted interiors have their own kitchen brand. This brand is perfect for those wanting a quality finish without a large price tag. There is a large selection of styles to choose from, with a wide range of colours available from gentle neutrals, dark greys through to the current trends. This range is especially popular for utilities and first time buyers.

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